Nomad Life in Portugal
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Nomad Life in Portugal

Hope all of you are enjoying life as it is! I will share my experience of one month in Lisbon. This would be a bit of community, places to visit, and how the nomad life culture embraces Lisbon as one of the most loved cities for nomad travelers.

First of all, thanks to all these lovely people that I met in Lisbon. They are who made my experience in Lisbon excellent.

Will have special thanks to Bjorn, Sofia, Natalia, Taylor, Howards, Lloyd, Scott, and much much more!!

The Lisbon community

Making friends in Lisbon being a nomad is not complicated, there are tons of activities where you can meet new people. The Meetup platform is very popular in Lisbon for creating meetups. There is also a great community called NomadList where you can glimpse all the details about a city. There is a slack chat about nomadlist that is only for paid members, but if you travel a lot, it's nice to connect with other nomads that are in your current city. The Couchsurfing community is also quite active there.

Places to visit

There are already too many sites that are recommended places to visit in Lisbon. So, here I will recommend the places I most loved and enjoyed:

  1. The first place is undoubtedly for TOPO  😜
  2. O Bom O Mau e O Vilão
  3. Costa de Caparica
  4. LxFactory
  5. All rooftop bars and viewpoints are great in Lisbon. I especially liked Miradouro de Santa Catarina.

There is no need to know Portuguese, all the people have a decent knowledge of English.

Why Lisbon is a nomadic city?

It's because Lisbon has beaches, gardens, art, urban style and of course the good weather. All this together in a city that has everything but is not so big as other capitals. Walkability in Lisbon is awesome. So it's nice to stay where everything is close. I often compare Lisbon with Seville because of the walkability and atmosphere of life. In both places, the city transmits a relaxed lifestyle that I love.

Attempted photographer in Lisbon 😬

I will share also some photos that I did feel being a photographer.