Survival kit for our wellness and anonymity on the internet
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Survival kit for our wellness and anonymity on the internet

Survival kit for our wellness and anonymity on the internet
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I know, struggling with the internet to hand over our basic information is a mess. Sometimes in our life, we want to share our most private side or give the world more information as it's needed. It's not a secret that every product is created to collect information to work with them and in return receive some valuable actions or services. But at the same time, they are using our private data. Of course, all this data is encrypted and distributed through these private data centers. But there are some points that we should be concerned about before we give over all our data.

What can be categorized as sensitive data

It's important to know which information is important to you. For some people that are influencers or are famous, it's complicated to hide their private life or their private data. Nevertheless, they always know what to share and what not to share on the internet.

The best exercise before sharing something on the internet is to ask yourself these questions:

  • Does the internet need to know this?
  • Will sharing this information on the internet have some negative impact in the future (work or personal)
  • Is what I'm sharing interesting to the people? Or is it only the need to share activities you are doing?
Sharing your home address or what kind of health problems you have may not be the best idea.

I want to clarify that each person has a different conception about what is sensitive and what is not. There are some common scenarios where everyone agrees, but after that, you are responsible for knowing how sensitive the information is that you are sharing.

The unnecessary need to share your life on the internet

At the moment, it's a fact that people around the world are in a vicious circle of sharing their life. When you start sharing, you are opening a huge door that is hard to close once you are being swept down the river. Taking unconscious steps of sharing more and more details about your personal life is the root of the problem.

Another thing about sharing your personal life on the internet is being caught in a stressful comparison to other people's lives and feelings like you always need to have a plan. Life's not that problematic, it's not necessary to have the best life. It's only necessary to live happily with your friends and relationships. The point is to make people happy around you to have a happier life.

The inner circle, outer circle, and then maybe the internet

Several studies confirm that we can't live in such large social networks without suffocating.

There is a scientific basis. According to a study by the famous British psychologist Robin Dunbar, our social life even has a biological limit: 150. That is the number of people with whom you can have meaningful relationships. In The New York Times, Dunbar talked about what is considered such a relationship. "Those people you know well enough to say hello to without feeling awkward if you run into them in an airport lounge."

While it is quite reasonable to develop up to 150 productive ties, we only have more intimate, and therefore more connected, relationships with 5 to 15 close friends. Social networks, by contrast, cause us to maintain much larger circles but compromise the quality or sincerity of those connections. In real life, most people operate in much smaller social circles. In other words, online life is based on maximizing the number of connections without much concern for their quality.

Having considered this data, build your inner and outer circle of relationships and after that, if you need to share something on the internet then share it. But you will see that it will be less than what you are posting now.

As the porn industry harms the quality of sex, social networking harms the quality of relationships.


It's important to have a presence on the internet. But you should control and limit it for your wellness. Go and make more connected relationships with your friends and share with them your life. If you still need to share on the internet, then do it, it'll be okay.